5 Ways to Experience Snake River Grill


Most would agree, there’s one idyllic way to experience Snake River Grill. Imagine a meandering, multi-course meal paired with carefully crafted cocktails, wines by the glass and even a dessert cocktail next to your half-dozen doughnuts. Snake River Grill is a crown jewel of an establishment located downtown Jackson. Since its formation in 1993, it has won its share of local, regional and national accolades. For the diner on a budget, it’s reserved for celebratory splurges. But that’s not how it has to be! There are ways to still get a slice of the dining experience at Snake River Grill:

1. Something to Share

One of the mostly memorable menu items at Snake River Grill is their steak tartare pizza. Steak tartare, an otherwise refined appetizer, is made a little more approachable when served on a pizza pie (especially when combined with garlic aioli, capers, parsley and red onion). Another intriguing item: the branding iron of green chile onion rings. What do the two have in common? They taste better (and cost less) when shared with friends or family. Take a bite out of one of these shared appetizers and, simultaneously, the Snake River Grill dining experience.srg onion rings

2. Cheers to Cocktails

Enjoy the ambiance of Snake River Grill and the careful craftsmanship of its team with a specialty cocktail at the bar. Too often, bottles of wine steal the show in fine dining scenarios, but the cocktails at Snake River Grill are as meticulously composed as each of their food items and not to be missed! Try the Trailer Parker, with Aviation gin, Cocchi Americano, grapefruit juice and lime. Or, the Trout Saddle, with Stoli Citros Vodka, orange, lime and cranberry juice. While you sip away, tide over your appetite with Snake River Grill’s complimentary bar nuts.

3. Off-Season Specials

Every spring and fall, when the clouds roll in, bringing mud and snow to the valley, locals anxiously await the start of off-season specials. This slower period is a great opportunity for diners to save a few dimes on dining out. For the last few off-seasons, Snake River Grill has done discounts on their bottles of wine during the off-season. Keep an eye on Snake River Grill’s social media for a deal like this to pop up in about a month!!

srg wine discount

Posted October 2018. Not currently an active special. Check the SRG Instagram and Facebook next month for similar deals!!

4. Something Sweet

In the multi-course meal scenario, it’s hard to imagine saving room for dessert, which is a shame, because the desserts at Snake River Grill are a STRONG finish to any meal or any day. So, sometimes it’s worth it to enjoy them on their own. Take the tasty doughnuts for example:doughnuts to go

From SRG: This family had doughnuts during their dinner at SRG and came back the next night for a “to-go” order of the doughnuts and ate them on our deck- literally on our deck outside our front door!

5. At Home

Over the years, the team behind the cuisine at Snake River Grill has generously shared recipes to some of our favorite dishes with the Dishing team. Snake River Grill frequently comes up in our Ask For It recipe requests, and we are thankful that they oblige these requests. Get a taste of Snake River Grill at home, with one of these recipes:


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