The 2016 Dishing Gift Guide: Last Minute Stocking Stuffers


Chances are if you are reading a post titled “Last Minute Stocking Stuffers” you are probably in the same boat as the rest of us. It is pretty easy to hit the panic button and head straight to Amazon or pick up a half thought-out gift card to check someone off your list, but whatever you do, resist the urge. What you have given up in pre-planning doesn’t have to be evident in your gift purchasing. There are plenty of places around Jackson where being thoughtful, appreciated, and convenient don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Here is a list of a few of our favorites that bump up a stocking from good to great this Christmas.

Paper and Grace Sugarfina Candies: “Candy, for Grown Ups” is their motto and there is no question that they have something to fit every grown-ups taste. Carried at a few select locations in Jackson including Paper and Grace, you are sure to find a gourmet treat for any sweet tooth on your list. Sugarfina offers products to satisfy any adult sweet tooth with candies ranging from Champagne gummies to a full line of rose flavored treats.

Don Perignon Champagne Gummy Bears from Sugarfina

Healing Waters: One of the newest phenomenons in relaxation is starting to take hold in Jackson. Healing Waters Therapeutic Float Center is a great place for those people on your stocking stuffer list looking to try something new. If that didn’t entice you, they are running a deal for 10 percent off retail price for single, and float packages. There is no excuse as their gift certificates can be slid into even the most full of stockings.

Terra has lots of shiny options to hide in a stocking. Pick up a pair of these gorgeous antler earrings, but while you are there check out the selection of other gifts, from bath and body products to handbags.

Terra Earrings

Coffee and Tea from Snake River Roasters: If you are looking for a gift to shoot off to friends and family out of town, this is a great option. With 19 different coffee blends, 4 different tea varietals, and multiple gift pack options, there is sure to be something that would satisfy the palette of any morning beverage connoisseur sourced from one of the premier roasting facilities in Jackson. Don’t forget to check out their website too for anything you might be curious about for brewing the perfect cup.

Flasks from Mountain Dandy

Made and Mountain Dandy: Gaslight Alley is the perfect place to go stocking stuffer hunting with these two store as prime stops on your journey. Although they are filled with plenty of great options, I personally love the hand crafted flasks. Choose painted stainless steel, leather wrapped, or hand stitched, all of which feature locally inspired designs.

Local Butcher: There are few things that would make me happier then a link of cured meat in my stocking. With that being said, there are few better places to get said link than Local Butcher. With a wide variety of cured meats, cheeses, prepared foods and specialty grocery items, it is a perfect place to get that last gift for any food aficionado on your list.

Aspens Market: This Westbank shop has more than just specialty groceries for your holiday forays. Aspens Market is also a great place to pick up some great kitchen inspiration. Check out the front of the store for various gourmet cookbooks and kitchen gadgets that could be the cherry on top of any stuffed stoking.


Pearl St Market: Another great in town option for the foodie on your list that won’t break the bank is Pearl Street Market. In addition to all the fun non-food items you will find, think about creating a small stocking friendly gift pack full of specialty grocery and dry good options. Maybe look to craft a truffle mac and cheese snack pack or seafood risotto to go bag utilizing hard to find ingredients from this specialty downtown grocer.

Core Pilates: For all the Pilate hardbodies on your list, check out Core for some great stocking stuffer options. What fits better in a stocking than a smaller pair of stockings? Try on their line of Pilates socks including Sticky Be Socks and ToeSocks. If your stocking is already full, there is always room for a gift card, check out the 10 punch options ranging in price for the size of class you desire.

Sticky Be Socks from Core Pilates

Shea’s Salon: This new midtown salon is a perfect place to grab some last minute gifts for the budding esthetician on your list. Choose from a wide variety of nail polish, gift cards, facial treatment, or just say to hell with it and book your self a haircut for your christmas party photo shoots.


har Spice rubs from Sweet Cheeks

Sweat Cheeks Meats: The newest butcher store in Jackson is not only the premier place to pick up locally raised meat, but it is also a place to pick up a couple thoughtful last minute gifts. Their homemade spice rubs or pepper jellies are the perfect size to add to any locally inspired gift bag.



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